5 Customer Computer Questions Answered



Question 1 : Why can’t I open some attached documents in my outlook email?

“I have just received an email with a word document attached and I can’t open it. It keeps asking me for an application to open it.”

The problem you are experiencing is an incompatibility between the different versions of Word. The default format of a Word 2003 and older document is readable by newer versions of Word such as Word 2007 or the new Word 2010 but not viceversa. Documents created in Word 2007 and 2010 care not automatically readable by Word 2003 and Older.

Answer: Microsoft has a patch that can be downloaded and installed on Word 2003 so it can open Word 2010 documents.


Question 2 : Why won’t my system shut down?

“Lately my system either won’t shut down or takes for ever to shut down. It also it displays dialog boxes that ask if I want to close certain applications.”

Sometimes drivers or applications open registry entries but don’t close them. The open registry aren’t a problem until you log off, when the profile of the logged-on user tries to unload the user’s registry it fails because it’s still in use.

Answer: Microsoft provides a service called UPHClean, which checks for leaked connections to the registry and cleans them up, thereby letting a user’s profile unload cleanly and quickly.


Question 3 : Should I get Windows 64Bit?

I’m buying a new computer and have a choice between the 32 and 64-bit version of Windows 7. Which one should I choose?

Answer: The 64 bit version is the better of the two but it comes with some traps, mainly that older software and hardware may not work on it. If you do have an older printer, scanner or other hardware you’ll have to check they will work on a 64-bit system. For software, you’ll need to make sure all your programs will run on 64 bit Windows. While 32-bit programs will work they may be slower so keep that in mind too. Generally our advice is to go with 64 bit systems if all your equipment is up to date, if you want to run older software and hardware go for the 32-bit option.


Question 4 : How can I tell if I am running 32Bit or 64Bit Windows?

“I am installing a new printer and It has 32Bit and 64Bit drivers which one should I load?”

Answer: Most of today’s new computers are sold in two varieties, 32Bit and 64Bit Operating systems. The easiest way to find out which version is loaded on your computer is to:

Click the Start Button — Right Click on Computer — Click Properties

On the properties windows you will see:

  • The Operating System version
  • The Operating System Type
  • The Type and Speed of the Processor
  • The amount of installed RAM


Question 5 : Is there a place I can get computer support without paying the high on-site fees?

“I need some help with slowness on my computer. Where can I get help over the phone?”

Answer: With today’s technology it is easier than ever to get remote support from expert techs by phone and through remote connection. Our customers enjoy the immediate response of a safe and secure Remote Support session for issues that can be solved that way. When we log in you can see and learn about everything that is being done to fix your computer. When we are finished we disconnect the remote session and we can’t reconnect unless you type in a code from your side to allow us access to your computer.

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